Elevate Your SaaS Knowledge with These 10 Daily Bookmarks

As you sip your morning coffee, take a look at this curated bookmark list for SaaS. It will open the door to a daily journey through the best SaaS wisdom and make your quest for knowledge as effortless as the cloud itself.

One of the key takeaways from Sutton Capital Partner’s 2023 Recurring Revenue Conference was a great list of common resources used by VCs to keep on top of what is happening in SaaS.

I started with Peter Cowen’s list and added a few of my own. Enjoy!

Bottom Up by David Sacks

David Sacks is the respected guru behind the concept of Product Led Growth (PLG) or “Bottom-Up SaaS” as he calls it. He helped pioneer this whole category of GTM by taking the consumer growth tactics he had learned as founding COO of PayPal and applying them to enterprise software.

In his blog, David shares lessons learned through his experience as a founder/CEO and as an investor in many SaaS companies. He digs deep into a wide variety of topics relevant to founders who are starting or scaling software companies. 

According to David: “Everyone has to start somewhere. You might as well work your way from the Bottom Up. That is where change comes from. That is where revolutions come from.

Exciting stuff! Keep your eyes on David Sacks blog and learn well.

Profitwell Blog and Patrick Campbell

It is the dream of SaaS… driving subscription revenue while you sleep. That also happens to be Profitwell’s goal. Their revenue automation products automatically reduce cancellations, optimize pricing, and give accurate, free revenue reporting.

Patrick Campbell is Founder and CEO of Profitwell, who founded this advisory platform in 2012 after working at the U.S. Dept of Defense and Google. As a result, the Profitwell blog breaks down trends in the subscription world—with insider expertise and data analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

Highly recommended!

Predictable Revenue Blog and Aaron Ross

Predictable Revenue is on a mission to educate organizations on how to grow revenue through outbound sales development. They have everything you need to know to book meetings and build pipeline with sales development.

The company was co-founded by Aaron Ross, a sales expert who wrote the book Predictable Revenue. These principles were used to create the Sales Development Methodology that Aaron and his team use today to educate clients on how to grow a business.

The Predictable Revenue blog is a great resource to learn how to grow your startup’s revenue with outbound sales best practices and tactical advice. 

StackAdapt DSP Blog

StackAdapt was recently awarded by G2 as the “Highest Performing” and “Easiest to Use” Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Not surprised to hear this at all, since my experience with StackAdapt has always been top notch.

A DSP enables startup advertisers to serve digital ads on multiple publishers across different advertising channels. DSPs make this process simple by consolidating inventory into a single platform and providing access to a number of targeting tactics and clever media types including 1st- and 3rd-party audience targeting.

StackAdapt is rated the best demand-side platform with technology that continually exceeds user expectations: 

  1. Machine Learning Optimization
  2. Contextual Targeting
  3. Brand Safety
  4. Cross-Device Capabilities

One aspect they’ve nailed is that of brand safety, which has previously bedeviled brands looking to avoid certain content online. StackAdapt has an excellent system to ensure their publisher partners and marketers operate in a trusted environment.

StackAdapt has an easy to use self-serve platform that can be utilized by any marketer looking to target a niche audience. StackAdapt is super proactive and has a dedicated customer service team.

The StackAdapt blog is a great place to pick up ideas on how to use your customer and prospect data better to put the right messaging in front of the right targets at the right time.

Jason Lemkin & SaaStr Blog

Jason M. Lemkin runs SaaStr, the world’s largest community for B2B/SaaS founders. If you are excited about SaaS, you will find your tribe here. Jason is also managing director of SaaStr Fund, a $90m venture capital firm focused on early-stage enterprise investments.

The SaaStr Annual is the largest non-vendor event in the SaaS industry, with 15,000+ attendees from all across the world coming together each February in the SF Bay Area.  And SaaStr Europa brings 3,000+ SaaS execs, founders and VCs together to Paris every June.

Free tip: SaaStr offers free, live Workshop Wednesdays with the best in SaaS. This includes hands on presentations, data, advice and live Q+A. Speakers include 50+ cloud and SaaS leaders… and counting.

SaaS Capital Blog

SaaS Capital offers startups an ideal way to scale their businesses with growth capital. They finance Software-as-a-Service companies exclusively. SaaS Capital lends between $2 million and $15 million to scaling B2B SaaS companies. Their structure is specifically designed to give access to significant growth capital while avoiding the dilution and loss of control of selling equity.

SaaS Capital has been lending to SaaS companies since 2007. In that time, it has funded more than 100 companies across four funds and authored more than two dozen research papers on SaaS.

SaaS Capital originated, refined, and optimized the MRR-based credit facility. The structure of all their products is designed to fund a SaaS business. They have numerous examples of portfolio companies that leveraged a SaaS Capital committed credit facility to scale their business. These companies then benefited from increased multiples during a follow-on round.

They are a special breed of debt lender, a category of capital that can feel more like a transaction than an investment. SaaS Capital is interested in acting as an investor, even as they leave your company free from equity ties with the capital received.

Their main blog is well worth keeping an eye on, as is their Research Channel.

Tomasz Tunguz Blog

Tomasz Tunguz is general partner at Theory Ventures. Previously he worked as a managing director at Redpoint Ventures. Prior to joining Redpoint, Tomasz was the product manager for Google’s social media monetization team, including the Google-MySpace partnership. 

Tomasz coauthored the book Winning with Data, a deep dive into how big data has changed business best practices and organizational culture. This book takes a deeper look at big data in business, and shows you how to shift internal culture ahead of the curve.

  • Understand the changes a data culture brings to companies
  • Instrument your company for maximum benefit
  • Utilize data to optimize every aspect of your business
  • Improve decision making and transform business strategy

His daily blog is something I browse on a regular basis. He writes daily, data-driven posts about key topics for startups including fundraising, startup benchmarks, best practices, and team building.

AngelList Data Blog

AngelList provides investors and innovators with the tools to grow. It’s a gathering place for fundraising and connecting startups, angel investors, and limited partners. 

Founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, the company was meant to be a sort of “Match” dating service for startups and capital. AngelList started as an online introduction board for tech startups that needed seed funding. Since 2015, the site has allowed startups to raise money from angel investors free of charge.

AngelList later span off their job listing division as WellFound (see below).

AngelList has a number of great blog channels, but my favorite is the Data channel, with lots of deep industry data and forecasts you won’t want to miss.

WellFound Blog

WellFound is a great startup resource where startups and job seekers connect. It was formerly known as AngelList Talent but changed branding and website in early 2023 to WellFound.

The company has been incredibly successful in gathering an epic database of talent and making connections for startup job seekers:

  • 8M+ Matches Made
  • 150K+ Tech Jobs
  • 10M+ Startup Ready Candidates

Wellfound is great for anyone seeking to work at a startup. It also is helpful for someone who wants to learn how to translate their enterprise or mid-stage company skills into a startup role context. 

Wellfound lets startup job seekers connect directly with founders at top startups. There are no third party recruiters allowed. The job listings generally offer more detail on salary and stock options than most sites do too. Applying is easy, with the ability to set up a detailed profile and submit with a simple cover letter expressing your interest and qualifications.

Wellfound is a great place to find unique jobs at startups and tech companies you can’t find anywhere else.

Startup founders and human resource officers (including fHROs) love WellFound too. The community is over 10 million strong – all of which are engaged, startup-ready candidates. They have an easy process for kickstarting recruiting. You can set up job posts, company branding, and HR tools within 10 minutes, all for free.

Of course, WellFound is early to the AI party as well with a product called RecruiterCloud that can handle a lot of heavy lifting. Their AI-Recruiter scans 500M+ candidates, filters it down based on your unique calibration, and schedules your favorites on your calendar in a matter of days.

Hiring (and firing) is always a key metric in our startup industry, so it pays to stay in touch with these trends as a founder and the WellFound blog is a great place to do that.

Bessemer Ventures Atlas Blog

Bessemer Venture Partners is on a mission to “build the enduring,” by partnering with audacious entrepreneurs building enduring businesses. Their belief in the transformative power of AI is strong. The company says there has never been a better time for small, ambitious teams to positively transform life as we know it. 

This work means they’ve been part of more than 145 IPOs and 300 portfolio companies, supporting them from their earliest days through every stage of growth.

Artificial intelligence is here and Bessemer is in the center of it: 

  • New model architectures
  • Specialized hardware with vast computing power
  • Advanced machine learning techniques

Bessemer aims to support entrepreneurs at the forefront of this era with a commitment of $1 billion in capital as they build AI-native companies.

I highly recommend their Atlas blog archive and data research, which is always right on target.

Make It A Daily Habit to Get Smarter About SaaS

The world of SaaS is changing rapidly after the capital glut of 2021 and 2022. You don’t want to be left behind.

Set up a daily bookmark list in Chrome and scan these sites above at least once per week. Don’t forget to share what you learn!  You won’t be disappointed. 


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