What Is Fractionals United?

Fractionals United is a 100% free membership community for all current and aspiring fractional leaders.

It is so popular, in fact, that it gained over 6000 members in its first 12 months of operations. That’s a blistering 500 new members per month, most of whom are in the United States working as fractional professionals today.

The goals of Fractionals United are to:

  1. Connect
  2. Collaborate
  3. Learn from each other

There is a lack of resources out there to help aspiring and current fractional execs achieve these goals, which is why Fractionals United stepped into the gap.

Why I Personally Recommend Fractionals United

Since early 2023, Snohat founder and fCMO Duff Ferguson has been an Advisory Board Member for Fractionals United.

He’s been a key advisor to the founder and leadership team on partnerships, growing revenue for the community, marketing and branding, social media strategy and building membership. The community’s commitment to forever remaining a free resource for everyone was key to his commitment.

“I’ve enjoyed Fractional United’s professional benefits from day one, and it has also been a great place for me personally,” said Duff Ferguson. “I’ve learned so much, met great clients, forged strong partnerships and made a lot of friends.”

Duff has also taken advantage of the Fractionals United Perks Program to save time and money. The FrUn Perks program, available for members only, gives discounts on services and SaaS that Snohat uses as part of its digital growth marketing programs, project management and more.

“Through FrUn, I have access to hundreds of peers who have helped me in all aspects of my fractional business. This network has greatly deepened my “black book” bench that I can bring in to answer questions and pull in to help clients in specialty situations as needed. I work regularly with other fractional CFOs, CTOs, COO, CSOs, CCSOs, CHROs and many more that I’ve met through Fractionals United.”

Duff has also led the Fractional United community’s Southern California events, including recent events in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Studio City, Culver City, Silverlake, Echo Park, Manhattan Beach, Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Newport Beach, CA.

Life as a fractional executive can sometimes be a lonely one, especially if the fractional leader works remotely from a small city. Community can be positive for mental health and also create opportunities for career and new clients.

Fractionals United Is Behind Fractional CMOs and All Fractional Leaders

Fractional employment is growing​ and here to stay. Fractionals United has worked to help media, job listing sites, recruiters and other understand that fractional work isn’t the same as other part-time work and/or consulting. In fact, it has its own unique challenges. 

Fractional CMOs usually: 

  1. Are an embedded and visible member of the leadership team
  2. Have no set end date for the retainer relationship
  3. Work a percentage of their available work hours for each client
  4. Represent the company like any other CxO would in public and in front of employees and investors
  5. Lead / “own” the marketing function with broad responsibility for budget, team, reporting, efficiency and results 

The head of Fractionals United is a Fractional COO herself. In her work, she realized there was a need for a community of fractionals. She wanted to network with and learn with/from others in her unique position. She also saw the importance of establishing a place for those looking to specifically hire fractionals.

That is what Fractionals United is. 

According to the official Fractionals United definition of a fractional executive: “Fractionals are part-time leadership roles. It’s different than regular consulting since they’re a part of the team; and different than regular part-time work since it’s a leadership role. Fractional C-Suite positions have been a growing trend. The founder of Fractionals United, Karina, has more to say here on the topic of what is a true fractional executive.

Resources for Fractional Leaders, Both Current and Aspiring

Fractionals United maintains several valuable digital properties and live physical events that are exclusively for members and well worth checking out:

  1. Slack Community with Specialized Channels
  2. Webinars and Lunch n Learns with Experts from the Community:
    1. How to build a fractional business 
    2. How to package your fractional services 
    3. How to charge for your fractional expertise
    4. How to manage 3-4 clients at once
    5. Building content and SEO with a fractional CMO 
    6. Driving leads and building a funnel for a fractional business
    7. Customer growth technology stack recommendations
    8. Legal and operational advice for fractional leaders
    9. Tax suggestions for fractionals
    10. Working with VCs and Investors as a fractional 
    11. Time tracking for fractional executives
    12. Structuring your fractional business for legal and tax
  3. Coda.io Wiki with Resources, Community Rules, a Fractional Membership Directory and more
  4. FractionalsUnited.com website with information about how to join.
  5. Local chapters of FrUn in most major cities host monthly meetups where current and aspiring fractional executives meet, have fun and trade tips on succeeding in fractional work

Once someone has become a member, they get instant access to this information and usually begin with an introduction on Slack to all other 5000 members.

If you’re a current or aspiring fractional leader looking for your community, Fractionals United is the place for you! 

Why I Should Join a Fractional Community like Fractionals United

Fractional leaders serve in part-time leadership roles within organizations. As such, they can benefit significantly from joining a community. 

Here’s just a few of the best reasons:

  1. Join in the Fractional Knowledge Sharing and Learning:
    • Industry Insights: Being part of a community allows fractional leaders to share and gain industry-specific insights, staying abreast of the latest trends, best practices, and emerging challenges.
    • Cross-Industry Perspectives: Communities bring together leaders from various industries, providing an opportunity to learn from diverse experiences and perspectives.
  2. Pursue Rapid Professional Development:
    • Skill Enhancement: Fractional leaders participate in workshops, webinars, and training sessions offered within the community, enhancing their skills and staying current with industry standards.
    • Mentorship Opportunities: Communities facilitate mentorship programs, allowing fractional leaders to connect with experienced professionals who can provide guidance and support.
  3. Enjoy Fun Networking and Collaboration:
    • Expand Professional Network: Joining a community broadens a fractional leader’s professional network, creating opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and potential business opportunities.
    • Access to Resources: Community members share resources, tools, and contacts, providing valuable assets that can enhance the effectiveness of fractional leaders in their roles.
  4. Hook into a Support System:
    • Shared Challenges: Fractional leaders face unique challenges. Being part of a community allows them to share these challenges with peers who can provide advice, solutions, and moral support.
    • Professional Camaraderie: Building relationships with other fractional leaders fosters a sense of camaraderie, making the leadership journey less isolating.
  5. Get Insider Marketplace Insights:
    • Understanding Client Needs: Communities are valuable sources of information about the needs and expectations of clients in the market. Fractional leaders gain insights into client preferences and market dynamics.
    • Industry Benchmarking: Benchmarking against peers within the community helps fractional leaders gauge their performance against industry standards and identify areas for improvement.
  6. Find new Business Opportunities and Clients:
    • Referrals and Collaborations: Communities serve as hubs where professionals refer business to each other. Fractional leaders discover new business opportunities through referrals and collaborations within the community.
    • Visibility and Credibility: Active participation in a community enhances a fractional leader’s visibility and credibility in their industry, attracting more clients and business opportunities.
  7. Seek Professional Support from your Peers:
    • Access to Expertise: Communities provide access to a diverse pool of expertise. Fractional leaders seek advice or collaborate with community members who possess complementary skills.
    • Navigating Complex Situations: When facing complex business situations, fractional leaders tap into the collective wisdom of the community to navigate challenges effectively.
  8. Stay Informed on the Latest Fractional Trends:
    • Industry News and Updates: Communities serve as information hubs, ensuring that fractional leaders stay informed about industry news, regulatory changes, and market developments.
    • Early Awareness of Trends: Through community discussions, fractional leaders gain early awareness of emerging trends that may impact their roles and industries.

In summary, joining a community is beneficial for fractional leaders. It provides a platform for learning, networking, collaboration, and professional support that cannot be beat. 

Fractionals United enhances effectiveness, opens doors to new opportunities, and contributes to your overall growth and success in your leadership role as a fractional executive.

Free Membership for Fractional Executives

Even better, there is no cost to join the Fractionals United community and enjoy all the benefits. 

Fractional CMOs and other fractional executives offer exceptional power and value to all types of rapidly growing companies. It is no longer required to shackle the company to a set of expensive full-time executive leaders, when only a fraction of their time is actually needed to accomplish rapid growth.


Founder, Fractional CMO